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Beef Stew with Dumplings ~ ChiChi

Chili Mac ~ ChiChi

Autumn Soup ~ Char

Cabbage Stew ~ Sharon

Chicken Dumpling Soup ~ Sharon

Big Bowl of Hot Yummy ~ Val

Simple Dumpling Soup ~ Val

Stuffed Pepper Soup ~ Val

Roast Beef Soup ~ Val

Matzo Ball Soup ~ Char

Potato Soup ~ Val

Pasta Fazool ~ Val

Lesbian Wedding Soup ~ Val

Shotgun Wedding Soup ~ Val

Minute Minestrone ~ Val

Fresh Green Bean Stew ~ Val

Smokey Bean Soup ~ Val

Stracciatella Soup ~ Val

Gourmet Oodles of Noodles ~ Kristin

Lentil Soup ~ Lisa

Macaroni Soup ~ Val

Chili Soup ~ Val

Cream of Broccoli Soup ~ Val

Italian Wedding Soup ~ ChiChi

Cheesy Vegetable Soup ~ Val

Zuppached ~ Nanoots

Refried Bean Soup (Easy!) ~ Val

B.L.T. Soup ~ Val

5-Can Soup ~ Val

Grandpap's Pepper Pot Soup ~ Grandpap Leo