Val's Food Memories

As a kid I had a toy iron that plugged in and got moderately hot. I cut up a hot dog and used the iron like a grill. Playing with my Easy Bake oven and making little cakes.

Family dinners around the dinner table every night. As kids we used to fight over who was going to get to eat "the mushroom" that was in the round bone in the steak. It wasn't until much later that we found out it was the bone marrow. Dad's raw vegetable platters. Going to Isaly's for a skyscraper cone. I liked Rainbow. Going to the drive in as a kid, and Dad making us each our own bag of popcorn. Also the taste of those steamed drive-in hot dogs in the foil wrappers. Yummy.

Eating scrambled eggs at my cousin Sandy's house and they had a red plastic squeeze tomato that had ketchup in it and we'd put it on our eggs. I still like ketchup on my scrambled eggs!

Stinky fish smell on Christmas eve. The delicious smell of homemade sauce cooking. Eating "sauce bread."

Pulling the wafer off the Italian nougat candy and using it as communion when we played Mass.

The taste of the ice cold chocolate milk in the little cartons at Madonna grade school. It cost 5 cents in the machine. I still remember the sound it made when it dropped into the hopper. God that milk tasted good!

Watching Mom make all the Christmas cookies and the awesome smells in the kitchen. Kind of magical and a nice holiday memory. Mom's dippy dip eggs! Dad's peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Mom calling something tasty "nummy-nums."

Going to lunch with Nana Panza in downtown Pittsburgh at the Mystic Tea Room and having our fortunes read after the meal.

Mommy please, can I have some Regent Pop? That was a commercial and the only time we got to drink that pop (all flavors in very small glass bottles) was at a picnic!

As a kid, eating pumpkin seeds. The ones in a package thickly coated with pure white SALT. Wearing candy necklaces and chewing off the candy while it was on my neck and getting all sticky. The taste of a Black Cow (root beer float) at Dee's, and the taste of Cho-Cho cups. Smoking candy cigarettes. Santa used to put them in our stockings! I liked the chocolate ones in a thin white paper, and if you blew through it "smoke" came out!

When Kristin was 2 or 3 she used to call French Fries "Fry Fries" and she loved to put "Keppich" on them! ONce she told me she really liked Fry Fries because "they have mashed potatoes in the middle." Nestle's Quick Strawberry Milk Powder, Kristin called it "Bunny Milk" because of the bunny on the front of the box.

Me and Kris eating Chili dogs by the elephant enclosure at the Highland Park Zoo. We would go to the zoo at least 3 or more times each year. One year we went 10 times.