Kristin's Food Memories
Saturday mornings at Nana's house she would make me pancakes while I watched cartoons and they would be runny in the middle -- still like 'em that way! Nana having bread rising all over the house with T-towels over them - I think they were on the heater vents on the floor. Eating watermelon with Nana. She put salt on hers.

Picking grapes with Nana and Nanoots - the red ones at 217 were my favorite! The smell of fresh green onions from Nanu's garden.

Making pumpkin seeds after carving our pumpkins!

Me and Lil Den making Kool-aid out of our lickem aids. Remember those chocolates called Ice Cubes? They were so cool-literally! How do they do that? Going to Rosie's to get candy in a little brown bag.

Mom making me finish all my meat on my plate -- and I would hide my bites around and under the edge of the plate. Mom making me dumpling soup!

French fries with gravy at eat and park! Primanti Brothers sandwich!

Eating Homemade Gnocchi at Emerico's with my Grandma Sandy and Pap Pap Ray and they also would take me to eat shrimp cocktail at the place in Millvale - forget what it is called? (Note from Val: The Grant Bar)

Of course frittut and funge at Nanu Chuck's! And his pizza! And Lupini beans! And artichokes stuffed! Hated the deer meat!

When Mom brought Randy to Nanu Chuck's and he asked for a glass of milk with his spaghetti. And Nana chasing Randy with the rolling pin.

Anisette cookies dunked in milk at Nana's and pizzelles and she would bring home chocolate covered pretzels from work - white chocolate was my fav! My Easter basket would always have a big white chocolate bunny!

My Grandma Sandy's banana cream pie! Scrambled eggs with syrup!

As kids me and lil Den would cut up bologna and fry it with ketchup.

Picking fresh veggies - green beans and carrots with Aunt Sharon at her house - can't remember which house...

Going to eat at the NPL and visit Cheech! Steak salad with French fries!

Family dinners at Nana's! and Nanu Chuck's!

Carnation instant powdered milk! Yummmy! I think because my mom gave me that as a baby?

Mom telling me to eat something green everyday and I asked if pickles counted? I love my pickles.