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Salad Sandwich

1 Italian roll or hoagie bun
1 or 2 slices any kind of cheese
Your favorite salad mix made with favorite dressing

Lay the cheese on the bun and top with the salad. Smoosh it together and eat.

To order this in a restaurant you can ask for a cheese sandwich on a roll. Then get a side salad. Mix it up and put that on the sandwich. I love this! You can order pickles on the side and put those on too, makes it taste more like a hoagie.

~ Val "I invented this mostly for those times when I go to a restaurant and want to stick to my diet, or don't want to eat meat, but don't want just a salad. It's basically a vegetarian hoagie!"

Turkey Reuben
(see photo insert)

Rye bread
Turkey lunch meat
Swiss cheese
1000 Island dressing

That's it! Put together in layers: cheese, turkey, slaw. Spread dressing on bread. Serve cold on un-toasted fresh rye! Toasted is good too though.

~ Kristin "Break away from the ordinary sandwich!"