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Salt & Pepper Chicken & Potatoes

This works just as well in an electric skillet as it does on top of the stove!

Chicken pieces or boneless chicken, your choice
Olive oil
Red potatoes
Salt & Pepper

In skillet on medium high heat brown chicken on both sides in a little olive oil. While that is browning sprinkle with salt and pepper (and if you like a little garlic powder).

Meanwhile peel and cut red potatoes into bite-sized pieces.

When chicken is browned add the potatoes and salt them and brown them for about 5 minutes. Use 2 spatulas to lift and turn and mix it all together. Then add 2 cups of water and put a lid on it.

Cook on medium for 20 minutes. Then mix again, add more liquid if needed, don't let it stick, and cook another 10 minutes. There should be enough liquid that it makes it's own gravy.

~ Val "I got this recipe from Sandy Mizgorski when I first got married to Tom. I have made it since 1969 and I still like its simplicity and great flavor. I now make it with boneless breasts or thighs, but it really tastes the best using cut up chicken pieces with the skin still on."

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