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Big Bowl of Hot Yummy

Cook chopped broccoli OR Cauliflower in 1 cup chicken broth. When tender, add 1 or 2 ounces of Velveeta cheese (small pieces) and stir it in until melted. Mmmm, yummy!

~ Val "You can make this with any veggies. Even a mixed blend is good."

Refried Bean Soup (Easy!)

1 Can Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies (or stewed tomatoes)
1 Clove Garlic, minced
1/2 Cup Onion, finely chopped
1 Can Fat Free Refried Beans
1 can Fat Free Chicken broth, divided

Combine tomatoes, garlic, onion and 1/2 can of broth in a medium pan; boil for five minutes, stirring often. Stir in beans and the rest of the broth; simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring often. (I mix the refried beans & broth together first, then add to the soup in the pot, easier to get the lumps out.)

~ Val "I love this easy soup and make it a lot!"

Roast Beef Soup

When I make a roast beef I always cook more potatoes and carrots than I'll need for one meal so I can make this delicious soup the next day.

Chop up the leftover roast beef into bite sized pieces. Cut any potatoes and carrots into bite sized pieces. Put everything in a medium pot along with any juices or gravy from the roast beef, 1 can of beef broth, 1 can of stewed tomatoes (squished), and 1/2 cup of frozen peas. Bring to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Serve with a crusty Italian bread. Note: you could also add green beans or corn and even dumplings if you like.

~ Val