Tomato Wine

2 Five-gallon crocks or plastic buckets (Dairy Queen sells empty buckets)
plastic siphoning tubing (can get at pet shop near aquarium stuff)
Glass jugs and bottles for finished product. (local bars can save you empty bottles)

12 pounds very ripe tomatoes
6 oranges
6 lemons
10-12 pounds sugar (how sweet do you like it?)
4 pounds raisins
1 cake of yeast

Dissolve sugar in a large pot of boiling water. Let cool. Dissolve yeast in warm water and set aside. Put the tomatoes into the crock or bucket and with clean hands squish them into mush. Cut the fruit into small chunks, skin and all and add to the crock. Dump in the raisins, then add the sugar-water and yeast mixture. Add tepid water to 3 inches from the top. Now get your hands in there and mix it all up really well.

Cover with cheesecloth and let set in an out-of-the-way place at room temp for 1 week.

Stir. Cover again with cheesecloth. After 2nd week, stir again. Cover. Let set 1 more week.

Then strain through a strainer or colander into 2nd clean crock or bucket. Then strain again through several layers of cheesecloth laid in the colander back into the rinsed out 1st bucket.

Let set for 1 day until some of the sediment settles and siphon from the top into the other bucket. Let set again for a day or so, and siphon again, this time into glass jugs or glass bottles.

One more siphoning may be necessary for the finished product. You want it to be clear and amber colored with no sediment floating around. Cap bottles, label, and give to friends.

~ Val "I made this to give as Christmas presents to friends and family one year. It was delicious. It doesn't taste like tomatoes at all, more like apple wine maybe. Nobody could guess that it was made from tomatoes, especially because of the amber color. Everyone wanted the recipe but I don't think anyone made it because of the tediousness of the process."