American Cheese Faux Crackers

Deluxe American Cheese (must be this type cheese)
Parchment paper or Freezer paper

Take a slice of cheese, fold in half, fold in half again, fold in half again, and again, until you have little squares of cheese. Put all squares on parchment paper and lay the paper onto a microwave safe plate. Put into microwave on High for about 30 second to 45 seconds. The squares should be just turning brown. Take out and cool, eat them! You can make bigger squares if you want, but the timing will be different so watch them carefully. These taste like Cheeze It crackers.

~ Char
~ Val "I made these a lot when I was on the Atkin's diet. You can make cheese & peanut butter crackers with them and they are really good! Also, you can make a taco shell with it too, just nuke a whole slice of American cheese, and take it out before it gets too brown. As soon as it comes out bend it into a taco shape and let cool. Stuff like a taco."